postw90.x emulator

This utility emulates (at least partly) the behaviour of postw90.x. It sahould start from the same *.win file and produce the same result.

optionally, parameters can be given in the command line (theose will override the parameters in the ffile) additional options starting with “__wb” can be provided”

Note: to use this module the user needs to manually install the wannier90io module from GitHub: pip install git+

Usage example:

python3 -m wannierberri.utils.postw90 seedname [parameters] [ __wb_fft_lib=<value> ]
seedname for wanier90 files (default : wannier90)
any parameters that can be accepted by postw90.x (e.g. berry=True), but no spaces are allowed in the parameters
command-line parameters override those found in the file
fftw3 (default) or numpy